Miss Amelia’s Mistletoe Marquess

Winner of the Libertà Books Shorter Romantic Novel Award 2020 

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The virtuous Miss Fairclough
Now faces ruin!

When Amelia Fairclough had sought refuge in a blizzard, a brooding stranger had given her warmth and shelter. She’d even tried to soothe him of his demons in return. But as she scurried home at dawn she was spotted! Now he’s in the parlour, offering to do the honourable thing. Surely she’d be a fool to turn down the new Marquess of Falconmore!?

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‘I loved everything about this, the entire cast of character’s are brilliant, each fits perfectly within the story, I adore the banter between Millie and Cassius, they just gel together like two broken peas in a pod, their journey to their happily ever after is beautiful. The whole book is so enchanting and hugely enjoyable’ – Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

‘The story was warm, heartfelt, and emotional’ – Rose Blue

‘I read this book in an afternoon, I couldn’t step away. It was fun, the characters were intriguing, and I really enjoyed watching Amelia and Cassius get to know one another and fall in love. They begin to care for one another so deeply after such a short amount of time, which often bothers me, but felt believable in this novel since they shared their most closely held secrets on that first night’ – The Pink Heart Society

‘This was a delightful read for me, I spent much of it with a huge smile on my face. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy to read by the author, and I am absolutely thrilled because I enjoyed every single second of it – Jo, Goodreads review