The Duke’s Runaway Bride

Regency Belles of Bath Book 3

From shopkeeper… To Duke’s wife

When Beatrix, Duchess of Howden, writes to her estranged husband offering a divorce, she’s stunned when he arrives on her doorstep with a different proposition: a six-week marriage trial! Quinton Roxbury seems cold and inscrutable, but Beatrix gradually realises his rough exterior hides a heavy burden. As their connection deepens, dare she trust him with her own scandalous past and risk the marriage she never knew she wanted.

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‘What a joyous read! I shall have a smile on my face for days’ – Amanda, Goodreads

‘I loved everything about this novel, it is well written and entertaining, Jenni Fletcher made me care about all the characters, in fact, I hope she has planned to write something more about Quinton’s family… I highly recommend this book you won’t regret it’ – ItaPixie

‘A brilliant addition to this series!’ – Bookgeek

‘While I’ve been loving the ‘normal people’ vibe of this series so far, Jenni Fletcher has taken a bit of a diversion with a duke hero in this one, and I wasn’t sure I would like it as much. I’m very happy to be completely wrong; I think this is actually my favourite thus far. Five stars for a fabulous read!’ – Caitlyn Lynch

‘In the end, I loved the premise, adored the story, cherished the characters (well, most of them…that Dowager though…ugh!)…and if pressed for a favorite, I wouldn’t hesitate to say…HELEN! I know, you’re wondering WHO in the world is that?! Well, she’s Quin’s darling little sister, and the moment she makes herself known, you’ll be hard pressed to forget her’ – GMR