Welcome to my very first reading diary! This is for whatever I happen to pick up in the bookshop or library or decide to rescue from the back of my shelves and is for random musings rather than official reviews so it’s mainly for me, but if you happen to be reading this then hello to you too!

So to be honest, I can’t actually remember what the first book I finished this month was (I didn’t have the idea for this blog until literally a week ago), but I’m pretty sure it was by Marian Keyes. I know I’m waaaay behind everyone else in my now deep and abiding love for Marian, but I got obsessed during the summer after randomly picking up Grown Ups in the library and now I’m reading her in reverse. This month (I think) I’ve finished The Break, The Woman who Stole My Life and Anybody Out There? (My current read is Watermelon so I’m even reading the Walsh family backwards). I love the humour, the fact that I never have any idea where her stories are going and the lack of judgement. Also the fact that I have a huge back catalogue of books to keep me busy until next year! Keyes is like a modern-day Dickens and I can’t say enough good things, not that she needs me to, and you probably know all of this anyway so on to my last read…

The book I’ve literally JUST finished is Milly’s Johnson’s newest, The Woman In The Middle, which I read in about 4 days (it would have been less but it’s half-term) because it was so unputdownable. Full disclosure, I’m predisposed to like her books because of the Yorkshire setting and the fact that she once gave me a hug (it’s possible I tell people this way too often) but what I love most are the bad husbands. She writes the BEST bad husbands! She’s a total genius at writing villains. They’re always so gleefully, fantastically bad that you don’t feel any guilt about hoping they get their comeuppance, which they always do because Milly’s books have a sense of natural justice about them which just makes you feel better about the world. So I enjoyed this a lot, possibly even more than The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew, my other favourite.

Next month, I have books by a couple of friends, And They Lived Happily Ever After by Therese Beharrie and Belonging by Liz Martinson, as well as a collection of Shirley Jackson stories that will probably be too scary for me, and Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi. I have a book of my own to finish too, but I’m within 10k words so I’m hopeful that I’ll finish in time. First, back to Watermelon and watching Impeachment (the more TV channels I have access to, the less I watch and the more I read, but I’m completely addicted to this).

Have a happy, healthy, book-filled November x